Production Paradise Project

By: Paige Wright


This is when you separate parts of a mixtures with your hands. The way you would use this in real life when you have a salad and you don't like tomatoes on your salad you pick them out of the salad.

Sifting or Screening

When you separate a dry mixture that passes through a sieve. When you use this in real life is when you are draining out the water with a drainer.


When separating parts of a mixture that is magnetic. You use this in real life when you drop a staple on the floor and cannot find it and you will use a magnet to help you find it.


When you are separating a solid from a liquid. You use this in real life when you have a coffee filter to separate the coffee flavor from the coffee beans.


When a liquid will evaporate and it will leave a solid behind. You use this in life when you have Kool-Aid in a cup on the counter and the water evaporates and will leave the sugar behind.


This is when water evaporates faster through heat. You use this when you salt water on the stove and the water boils and evaporates faster than non boiled salt water and leaves the salt behind.


When you separate a dissolved liquid in a solution from each other. You use this in real life when you are using chromatography paper to separate the different ink colors in a marker.