Teaching Models

but without real models ;)


The teachers need to set aside planning time together in order to make sure they have an understanding of the structure of the lesson. They should focus on their individual skills as teachers and incorporate their strengths when dividing the lesson into stations.

Classroom Mangement and Environment

The teachers need to have similar class rules and expectations. The location and classroom setup needs to be determines in order to successfully use stations in parallel instruction.

Familiarity with Curriculum

  • Both teachers need to have common goals for their students.

  • Stations and parallel structure offer opportunities for modifications in the curriculum because they have options.


Stations: A minimum of two stations will be used to teach the students the curriculum. The students will rotate between all the stations. All of the stations will focus on the same the lesson but they will modified for different learning styles.


Parallel Structure: Two of the stations will be used to assess the learners on their understanding. They will have already completed the two activities because they were stations during the instruction stage. One educator will be at each station and the students will have the choice between the two activities.