Strengths and Resiliency Program!

Identify your personal strengths and resiliency!

8-week strengths and resiliency building! 1st-12th grades! *NOW REMOTE!!!

Now offering flexible start dates- Register now!

We will be running this program virtually to comply with social-distancing. Our first priority is to keep everyone safe and healthy! Your child will still meet one-on-one with with their counseling graduate student- but it will be in a cool virtual way facilitated via Zoom! Before we begin you will receive a link to access your virtual session. Space is limited so register today!

This 8-week individualized program will help your child identify his/her own inner strengths and increase personal resiliency to better manage life's challenges.

Sessions are one-on-one and facilitated by graduate counseling students under the direct supervision of faculty.

These sessions will explore your child's strengths and increase resiliency, in a relaxed and engaging way!!!

Recommended for any child 1st-12 no matter what needs they may have: increasing confidence, managing anxiety, managing disappointments, increasing self-esteem, etc.

Extended counseling services also available via telehealth.

*Sessions are 40-50min via zoom. Must be able to engage in this format.

Fee=WAIVED- We want you to easily be able to access this during this stressful time!

To register or for questions, please email

Include: child's name, age, grade, school, parent contact info, and any other helpful information about your child.

This program is being offered on flexible days/evenings for 8-weeks. Once registered we will work with you to schedule a time that works!

Space is limited so register as soon as possible by emailing!

Email Dr. Martha Mason at to get started!

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