Greek Mythology and Modern Literature are Alike

Summary of Hatchet

Hatchet is a very exciting and suspenceful novel. It is about a boy named Brian who leaves his home to go visit his dad but hits a road block on the way. When he was on the plane flying his dads the pilot suddenly had a heart attack and died while the plane was inflight. Brian had to take controls and crash land the plane in an L shaped lake then survive in the woods until someone rescued him.

Perseus and Brian

Brian and Perseus have a lot in common. They both are kids who have to fight or work hard to get what they need done. Brian needs to do survival things such as collect food and water to stay alive and Perseus has to complete all his tasks which are very hard.

a special day

In the end, a pilot hears Brian's transmit or signals and flies down to rescue him. Also Perseus completes all his tasks and saves the day


Brian and Perseus both had special tools. Brian had the hatchet which helped him make fire and cute things and Perseus had the winged sandals, wisdom and invisibility which helped him complete his tasks


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