Slip That

Shoe protectors

Our goal

We want to turn a rainy day for you into something to look forward to. No more hesitation! You should be able to wear your shoes no matter what the weather feels like throwing at you. Time to take charge with Slip That, a new and improved way to keep your beloved shoes clean and safe!

What is Slip That?

Are you tired of messing up your shoes due to unpredictable weather? Slip That is the new and innovative way to keep your shoes safe and clean.

Slip That is a protective way to keep your shoes looking brand new! That’s right- you can throw away those old plastic shopping bags. With Slip That, you can be sure that your shoes will be squeaky clean wherever you go.

Slip That is made of Tyvek to ensure water resistance, as well as natural rubber for maximum grip. Additionally, Slip That features elastic string so that the user can adjust the shoes to his or her needs.

make it yours

That's right! Slip That comes in many different colors.