MTS Staff Weekly Watch

Week of September 28, 2015


We must restore hope to young people, help the old, be open to the future, spread love. Be poor among the poor. We need to include the excluded and preach peace.

~Pope Francis

Important Dates

September 28 - Safety Team Meeting

September 30 - Policy and Handbook Acknowledgement due

September 30 - MAP testing complete

October 5-9 Week of Respect

October 9 - In-service Day

October 12 - No School - Columbus Day

October 15 - 8th Grade Cope Trip

Violence Awareness Week October 20-24

Worthy Websites/Links

Wacky Web Tales - Are you looking for a quick way to assess students’ knowledge of sentence structures, while at the same time, hoping to keep them engaged? This reminds me of mad libs.

App 6th grade ELA - Impressive resource with high-quality content and challenging quizzes

App MoMa Art Lab - Interactive projects, cool prompts, and famous works inspire creation


We collected approximately $185 for our first Jeans Day. Way to go!!!

Short observations will begin next week.

Please remember to add your acorn to the tree in the main hall. It doesn't have to be wordy.

ASI/Intervention - Please indicate in your lesson plans the focus for your ASI or intervention instructor. It can look like: ASI - small group vocabulary or Intervention - small group addition math facts.

During ASI/Intervention in your classroom, students should receive small group instruction. The additional support in the classroom should be helpful in managing classroom groups.

Modification/special needs for substitutes - Please be sure to included in your substitute plans are specifics that are needed for any of the students that have an IEP. For example: non confrontational interactions, additional time, redirection, preferential seating, etc. A child's IEP is our responsibility.

Week of Respect is next week. Please indicate in your lesson plans at least one lesson you are using next week to draw attention to respect.

Violence Awareness Week October 20-24 - Please indicate in your lesson plans at least one lesson you are using that week to teach awareness of violence in society.

Atlantic City Electric once again made a large donation of school supplies to Mannington School. They will be in the CST room all year. There are notebooks, bookbags, etc. Please keep in mind if you see a child needing supplies especially when we enter the second half of the year and supplies from the beginning of school start to dwindle.

Discipline codes that match our discipline guidelines are the only codes available to you when submitting a discipline referral.

When submitting I & RS paperwork, please submit it to me first and then I will pass along to Mrs. Moore. She will still be the IR & S Team Leader.