Who is this Ben guy??

Fun Facts about the new HD

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What did I do in Reslife?

RA for 1 year in Santoro with the Incredible 1 South!! Our mascot for the year was the Incredibles. I was asked back to be an RA my senior year but had way too many other things going on so I chose not to return.

What do I do as a Fellow?

I am still going to have the role of University Fellow in addition to the HD position.

As a fellow i'm responsible for helping implement the orientation programs (particularly transfer student orientaiton), meet with students of concern or students interested in getting more involved on campus. These students are referred from SUM, Checs, or other offices around campus. We also implement campus wide programs designed at promoting purposeful involvement and personal/professional development.

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Who was I at CNU?

Political Science and Spanish double major.

Expansion A Cappella for 3 years.

Club Frisbee team for 3 years.

Tour Guide for 2 years.

Choir, band, and Theatre for 1 year.

RA for 1 year.

Studied abroad twice.

The Johnson Family!

One of the many originally from NOVA.

I am the oldest of three siblings!

My younger sister is a Junior at CNU.

My younger Brother is Marine and lives in California.

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Favorite things!

TV show - Breaking Brad

Book - Game of Thrones

Food - Chicken Parmesan

Music - OAR...but it changes a lot

To do - Running, playing guitar...so many things!