Albert Lithuli

By: Haden Trompak

Early Life and Role in Anti-Apartheid

Albert Lithuli, or Mvumbi in Zulu, was know for his work as a South African teacher and politician. Luthuli was born in 1898 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He was elected president of the African National Congress (ANC) in 1944. Lithuli was arrested in 1957 along with 155 others on the crime of commiting treason against Apartheid Government. He was well known for his Nobel Peace Prize award which gave him the title of becoming the only African to be awarded the prize thus far. This was for his many acts of courage in the nonviolent struggle of anti-Apartheid.

Activism throughout the 1900's

Lithuli was a major influence on the ANC, seeing as he was president and president-general starting in 1944. He was peripherialized with Natal and Transvaal along with their communist party which dissolved in 1950 but was secretly reconstructed in 1953. Luthuli worked alongside Nelson Mandela in efforts to overturn old Apartheid ways. Over the course of his position as president of ANC his views became overwhelmingly militant. He was arrested serval times on counts on treason as well as the public burning of his passbook following the Sharpesville massacre. He was jailed for little over a year but the charges were dropped on lack of evidence.
Albert Luthuli Nobel Peace Prize Archive Footage



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