The Carolina Colony

Investigating three perspectives

The English And The Natives

Pros: The christian natives could never be troubled, they could never be bothered

Cons: the can be lazy

Natural Resources

Pros: they had trees, water and plants to survive off of.

Con: When people cut down the trees they would loose air from that and some of their natural resources.


Pro: they provided food for humans and the fur of the animals as clothing or other things.

Con: they really wouldn't know if the animal was sick or not and if an animal was sick it could cause harm to that human that ate the animal.


Pro: they gave people something to eat and grow

Con: when its too cold outside the plants could die off and tress could loose their leaves.


pros: they had no earthquakes, it was very healthful, and their summer wasn't was hot as in other places to the Eastwood.

Cons: If the weather got too cold it could cause them to get sick and it would eventually end up spreading all over the colony.

Made by Mary Santana, core 1