Mexican Revolution

By: Krystal and Jessica

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Important Leader, Emiliano Zapata

He was a leader in the Mexican Revolution and he wanted to reform the laws to protect the farmers, peasants, and workers rights. During one of his victories battles, his famous battle cry was "Tierra y Libertad" which means "Land and Liberty". After Diaz stepped down, Francisco Madero took presidency, he continued to help establish a greater government.

The Rise of General VIctoriano Huerta

After Madero took place of DIaz people started to disagree with his liberal way of ruling. In 1913, Madero stepped down from power and this is when the military leader General Victoriano Huerta took over presidency. Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa didn't like him in office so they allied with Venustiano Carranza and overthrew Huerta 15 months after his rule.

The New Mexican Constitution

Carranza had the idea of a new Constitution. It was adopted in 1917 and it promoted education, land reforms and workers rights. People who helped create the Constitution were independent men with new political and social ideas. They understood the problems in Mexico and wanted the document to have equality and liberty for everyone.


1. What was the outcome of the Mexican Revolution?

2. What was the main reason for the start of the Mexican Revolution?

3. Why did the people of Mexico not like Madero as President?