World War I

David Cheves

Why did World War I Start?

World War I officially started when Serbia assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Serbia did this because they thought they owned the land that Austria-Hungary owned. After all of that Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Germany and Russia later came into the war. Germany came into the war because Austria-Hungary allied with them. Next, Russia came into the war because Germany told them to either demobilize or dismiss it's army and not fight. Russia did not listen and Germany declared war on Russia. soon every major European country was involved in World War I

Why Did The U.S Enter The War?

At first the U.S did not enter the war. Germany had a different idea though. Germany Sank the Lusitania and several U.S trade ships. Afte.r this the U.S got really mad and decided to enter the war. They also decided to join the allied powers because Germany was on the Central Powers and wanted to defeat the Central Powers.

The New Technologies In WWI.

WWI was really hard and long. It was hard and long because the forces had new weapons and technologies. These weapons and technologies were really strong and powerful. Some examples of new weapons and technologies are poison gases, gas masks, airplanes, tanks, and heavy artillery guns. The new weapons and technologies would change the ways wars were fought.

How Did WWI End?

The war went on into 1918 where more than 1 million soldiers fought in the war this battle for the U.S. The allied powers won the war when the Central powers gave up and surrendered. A long time after the end of the war in January 1919 President Wilson and the Allied powers met in Versailles, France to sign a peace treaty to agree to never start a war or fight again. This treaty did punish the Central Powers. It demanded that Germany pay heavy fines and not rebuild its army. About 20 years later though tensions grew and WW II started.
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