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Christmas Carol

If you want to check out the Christmas Carol story you should read the book for more detail and info. First of all, if you don't under stand something you can go back and reread the same thing over and lever for a better understanding. If that isn't good enough, another good reason is the descriptive words with more detail than the play. Lastly, the is no visual in the play but it is narrated to understand the scenes a hole lot better than the play. To sum everything up about the book being better, there is more detail over all even though you don't get the visual because the book tells you detail about the scene and the mood of the characters.

Christmas Carol sacrifice

Scrooge has made many sacrifices in the Christmas Carol but here is one of the big ones. One of the nig ones is him changing his ways by showing it with gifts and money. Secondly, this is a big sacrifice but is a better one for Scrooge because of his own death.