AIG Update for Teachers

November 2012

AIG Nominations:

The first Match Team meeting will be on Monday, December 3rd at 3:00 in room 31. If you are on the team or have a 3-5 student who is nominated, please plan to be there.

Unlike 3-5, NHC only identifies K-2 students needing extensive differentiation. (For example, a 1st grade student would be performing on a 4th or 5th grade level.) As a result of the rigorous criteria, identification of a K-2 student in NHC is rare. In order to establish the need for extensive services, additional data is required and the K-2 nomination process is also more lengthy. K-2 students who are nominated will, therefore, be discussed at the January/February Match Team meeting.

Anyone can nominate a student for AIG services. If you have a student you would like to nominate, please let me know.

AIG Levels of Service Delivery

Once identified for AIG, there are three levels of service for which a 3-5 student may qualify:

1. Moderate: typically represents “in-class” adaptations according to academic skills in specified areas. The focus is on developing potential, increasing skills, and exposing students to advanced content.

2. Significant: typically represents services designed for students who display strong academic ability, approximately 2 or more years above grade level.

3. Extensive: represents services that involve radical acceleration of content, process, and/or environment. Students recommended for these services are working 3-4 years above grade level.

To learn more about service delivery options, visit the AIG web page:

What is a DEP?

DEP stands for "Differentiated Education Plan." Every student receiving has a personal DEP. This form is completed by the Match Team and determines what type and level of services are prescribed.


If a parent contacts you with a nomination or a question about the AIG program, PLEASE

  • let me know as soon as possible and/or
  • encourage them to contact me


New Students

Be on the look out! As new students enter your classroom, please let me know if you find any AIG paperwork or a DEP (Differentiated Education Plan) in the Mod II folder. Thank you for helping to keep me informed!

See You Soon!

I will be back to work on December 17th. A HUGE thank you to Debbie for working so hard and doing such a terrific job! You are the BEST!