Charming Locket Ladies June Report

Summer Has Begun!


June was a Hard month for some but others shined through!! Convention is on the way and we will soon be announcing a team Meeting in the Maryland area in august so keep an eye out, if you cant come to convention you will certainly want to come to this!! Start your July out with a Bang (4th of July Joke) with our awesome Hostess Exclusive, Who would not want to book a party to get this beautiful heart locket!

As your Director

I am here to answer your questions or help you solve problems that no one else could help you with, First point of contact is always your mentor and most problems can be solved by asking on a facebook page, However I am here when you need me, I do have another job but I do and can Answer emails or get back with you around 5 pm Monday thru Friday, I would love to get to know each and every one of you so feel free to contact me even if it is just to say hi!! Love you all and Happy July!!

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