2. Searching For Information

How to research on and offline

Offline: The Library!

Don't forget that the original is often the best.

The college or your local library is an excellent place in which to source information for research or simply to engage in wider reading. Offline research allows you to really develop your critical thinking skills and open your mind to new and exciting ideas and possibilities in a way that is not possible online as you have to do much more filtering of information yourself rather than relying on a search engine algorithm.

Online: Moodle, Search Engines and E-Resources

The internet has revolutionised how research and wider reading is conducted. There is literally a world of information available to you at the touch of a few buttons. By selecting appropriate search criteria it is possible to find a dearth of information relevant to your studies.


This should always be your first port of call- there is an abundance of carefully selected, quality articles, scanned photocopies of chapters etc already neatly collated by your teachers for you to read and gain greater insight into your studies. If you want to do more than just pass, read them.

The rest

Aside from Moodle, there are a wealth of other options available to you. Consider these recommended ones below:

One very prominent website is conspicuous by its absence...

Can you guess which one and why?