Crowley ISD Video Message

January 7, 2022

A Message from Dr. McFarland: COVID-19 Precautions in 2022

COVID-19 Precautions in Crowley ISD

January 7, 2022

Hello, Crowley ISD family,

We are excited to have students and staff back in school after what I hope was a great winter break for everyone.

As we return, I want you to know we remain focused on providing a safe, high-quality, in-person learning environment with excellence for all students. That’s what our students and families need. And that’s what we will continue to provide in Crowley ISD.

With the latest variant of COVID-19 on the rise, combined with cold and flu season, I know many of you are concerned. I share your concern. I want you to know we will continue to follow the precautions that have been proven to slow the spread of COVID-19 and help lessen the symptoms for those who catch the virus.

Doctors tell us this new variant is more contagious, but symptoms are typically less severe for people who take the precautions recommended by medical experts. We follow these precautions here in Crowley ISD, and these mitigation efforts have been highly effective in our fight against the virus.

Face Masks Strongly Encouraged

We continue to strongly encourage face masks be worn inside and on buses. Researchers agree that not all masks are created equal. Some mask is better than no mask, but experts say the best masks are the N95 or KN95. We are purchasing more of these masks for our schools.

Some of you have asked about our previous mask mandate. Last semester, before the vaccine was available for children, masks were mandatory in Crowley ISD. And though we’ve lifted the mandate since vaccines are now easy to find, we still strongly encourage everyone to mask up to protect yourself and others.

Vaccines and Boosters

If you and your children have not yet been vaccinated, we strongly urge you to do so. Now is the time for everyone who is eligible to receive the vaccine and booster. Our district has partnered with local pharmacies to offer dozens of free vaccination clinics for children ages 5 and older, teenagers and adults. There will be additional clinics offered in Crowley ISD throughout this month. You can find the dates and locations on our website.


We continue to offer COVID-19 testing in our school health clinics for students and staff. If you need your child to be tested, please contact your campus nurse. Testing sites in Tarrant County, and across the nation, have become difficult to find and can have long wait times. To help families in our community, we’re partnering with an organization to provide free COVID testing, both rapid and PCR, in centralized locations starting next week. Watch for information on our website.

Other Precautions

Other steps we all can take include frequent hand washing and using hand sanitizer. Keep a safe distance apart, when possible. Stay home if you are sick. And we will continue to sanitize our schools, buses and offices regularly.

Help Us Keep Schools Open

These steps will help us keep our schools open. We know how important this is for students, families and our entire community.

We’ve seen that virtual learning is just not a viable option for most kids or adults. We want the best for our students in Crowley ISD. And it’s proven that the best for them is to be learning in school with other students.

This is not the first time this pandemic has challenged us, and it probably will not be the last. But, if we all work together, I am confident we will get through this together because in Crowley ISD, we act like a family and we work like a team. We can have great pride in how we take care of each other.

With Crowley Pride Unified,

Dr. Michael McFarland