Tech. TidByte

February 22, 2018

A Note from Melissa Williams-Scott, Ed. D.

The excitement in the eyes of the students using technology in instruction is invigorating. We are seeing more teachers taking the plunge of introducing mobile learning into their instruction. Our team is constantly looking for ways to make your job easier and engage our students. In this edition, you will find just a few of the new ways to integrate technology into your lessons. Try them, call us, we are here to support.

Favorite Things from TCEA

The Instructional Technology Team recently attended an annual conference of their peers. These are some of the favorite things we learned. Below are three sites you can use now with little to no training.

Tech. it Out

Like our Facebook page to see what is happening in classrooms across DISD. Below are a few teachers featured in the last month.

Calder Road Elementary: Angelica Aguilera

McAdams Jr. High: Blanca Huertas, Michelle Howard, Megan Grissom, Heather Jones, Nathan Robinson, and Becky Autrey

Lobit Middle School: Sheri Howard

Dunbar Middle School: Nicole Marak

Dickinson High School: Jonathan Stone, Becky Eanes, Lauren Plite, and Deanna Williams

Please share with us what you are doing in your classrooms! We would love to highlight you as well.

Elementary Campuses, contact Jennifer Rushing

Middle School & Junior High Campuses, contact Claudia Valastro.

High School Campuses, contact Caroline Lightfoot

Virus Reminders

  • If you receive an email with an invoice you were not expecting from someone you know, please do not forward the email, open the attachment, or click on the link. You may take a screenshot of it and send it to
  • Avoid clicking on a link in an email from someone you do not know.
  • Avoid opening an attachment in an email from someone you do not know.
  • The IRS will not email you. Do not click on links or open attachments supposedly from the IRS.
  • Do not change your password from the link in an email you were not expecting.
  • Always go directly to the site to reset a password.
  • It is OK to click on the link to reset a password if you have just selected a Forgot Password button.
  • If you get a message on your computer that you have a virus, someone randomly calls to offer technical support or remotes into your device without your consent, do not give them your credit card information.
  • Hackers often use poor grammar and spelling. If you receive an official email from a company or governmental agency that seems suspicious, be on the lookout for grammatical and spelling errors. These should signal a red flag.

A Bit about Bitdefender

If you are doing something you normally do safely and get a message from Bit Defender, you do not need to block anything.

If you receive a message from Bit Defender when attempting to download an attachment, it should be blocked.

If you have accidentally blocked something and need it unblocked, see these instructions.