North Vs. South

By: Eder Garcia


North: Abraham Lincoln (on left)

South: Jefferson Davis (under)

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Military Leaders

Leader of North: Ulysses S. Grant (on right)

  • Leadership of Abe Lincoln
  • MIlitary power
  • controlled shipping

Leader of South: Robert E. Lee (under)

  • Strong motivation
  • Skilled with guns & horses
  • cotton traided for weapons
  • Familiar territories
  • Strong milatery tradition
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One of the main reasons the civil war stareted was becasue the South wanted slaver but the North wanted to end it. Another reason is that the North wanted high tax on foreign goods and the south wanted to lower the tax, but that's because the North had more oney so they could actually pay for higher but the South couldn't aford higher tax. Cultural diffrences was another reason. The North had an education but the South didn't plaus the Southern farm and the Northerns worked in industry.


The South had some advantages. They were more skilled with weapons and horses, they were alos very familiar with most of the teritorry.

the North had some advantages too. They had more population, more soldiers, and more states.


The South had a lot of disadvantages. They didn't have as much population and soldiers. They had less than half of the amout that the North did.

But the North had some disadvantages too. Sence the Northerns didn't go outside as much as the Southerns they weren't used to being out in the sun, useing guns, or riding horses.

General Information

South population: 9,000,000 people (3,500,000 were slaves)

North population: 22,000,000 people

South states: 11

North states: 23

South Army: 600,000 - 1,500,000

North Army: 2,100,000 180,00 blacks fought (130,00 were slaves)

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