Lingonberry Chocolate Fudge

Chocolate up front with a berry finish!

Now available for wholesale orders!

If you're looking to sell a gift-worthy, gourmet food product in your store that sets your store apart from the rest...sell The Sweet Swede's one-of-a-kind Lingonberry Chocolate Fudge. Made with imported lingonberries that are mashed, then folded into a semi-sweet, incredibly creamy chocolate fudge. At wine tastings, our fudge has been paired with red wines and port. One of the greatest things we hear about the Lingonberry Chocolate Fudge is,"I don't even like fudge...but I am in love with this!" Contact us today to start your wholesale account with The Sweet Swede.

Three options for selling Lingonberry Chocolate Fudge in your store.

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