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"If you don't know what a hashtag or Twitter handle is, you're becoming illiterate." - George Couros, #ICE14

"It's Terrific Tuesday! What are you reading today? #elemteachers #literacy #reading"


Cheat Sheet: Twitter for Teachers:

This site tells you about key terms used in twitter, hashtags used in education and twitter management systems.

Twitter Chats:
Try a twitter chat. Login to twitter at the time of the chat. Do a search for the # associated with the chat. Follow the conversation and add to it if you feel comfortable.

Educational #:
Do a search for a # and see what people are posting about it. There are lots of specific hashtags for education. Here are a few popular ones: #edchat, #sschat, #pbl, #science, #commoncore

Things to Keep in Mind

1. Twitter is public. Be smart about what you say and who you follow.

2. Twitter is blocked at school. You must bypass the content filter to get to twitter. You can do that by going here and logging in.
3. Twitter is here when you have time. It's not something you should feel overwhelmed by.
4. Start small. Sign up and follow just a few people.
5. If you do tweet add #ExploreCentral so we can start the conversation in our building. (Or #WJHSTweets for the Jr. High)

"#Hashtag" with Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

21 Day Twitter Challenge

The goal of the Twitter challenge is to get more teachers using Twitter for professional development and connecting with other educators around the world.

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