Current Happenings in 235

Week of September 12th

Upcoming Dates

Monday, the 19th: PTO meeting @ 6:30; cycle day 9

Tuesday, the 20th: cycle day 10

Wednesday, the 21st: Library; cycle day 1

Thursday, the 22nd: cycle day 2

Friday, the 23rd: cycle day 3

**Coming home in today's folder is information regarding picture day on October 5th.

What we learned

Take a look into our class


  • We did several things this week: 1) created an anchor chart highlighting what center time looks, sounds + feels like; 2) learned the three ways to read (pictures, words + retell); 3) worked on our turn + talks; and 4) practiced our 1:1 correspondence in picture books.


  • This week I was drawing lines for all students to represent words in a sentence. Next week, I will release this to some, not all, students who are ready to do it on their own. Hopefully you have been seeing some beginning sounds or some word wall words correctly spelled.


  • All of the strokes have been introduced. Your child's stroke book should be at home. I encourage you to look through a few of the pages and ask your kinder to tell you the stroke name or to ask them to "teach" you how to make the stroke. :)


  • This week we read "Mary had a Little Lamb"; the word wall words which were introduced include /was/ + /a/.
  • We are working hard on identifying beginning sounds and their letters. We do this during poem, whole group + while working independently in centers.


  • Kinders learned how to use the program called Book Creator. The goals of the book were:
  1. Be able to effectively use the tools within the Book Creator program.
  2. Follow given directions.
  3. Work on number sense skills.
  4. Work together as a team by taking turns + encouraging one another.
  • You should have seen this book in your child's Seesaw account. All in all, it was a great success for a first Book Creator attempt!


  • We took the time this week during theme to learn about a few more things in our classroom + how to use tools appropriately.