Digital Coaches' Corner

Week 3

Week of 11/17/2014

Preparing for PARCC

Students need to practice note taking for PARCC. They will be writing Prose Constructed Responses and Evidence Based Selected Responses. Students need to be prepared to take notes on readings and videos. They do not have time to write out their responses and then type them into the boxes on the PARCC test. Also, the boxes on the PARCC test are small, but students need to realize that the boxes expand. If they only fill the small box without expanding it will not be enough.

Links on note taking:

Taking Two Column notes

Helping Children Build Notetaking Skills

How to Take Great Notes

Classroom of the Week

Mrs. Julie Breden's Physics Classes

Mrs. Breden was selected to be part of a documentary on engagement and teaching the new Illinois Learning standards. The students in Mrs. Breden's classes are doing research on improving a motion in a sport. The students get to select the sport and the skill. They will create a video to show proof of the improvement. While working on this project they are meeting ELA and math standards. Congratulations Mrs. Breden on being selected as a state leader.
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