eMindset Scientific Writing

Write research papers from scratch (for nonEnglish speakers)

The challenge has just begun! A Workshop tailored for Scientists and Research Professionals

Are you conducting scientific research? Are you having a hard time reporting your progress and writing your papers? We can help you. eMindset Scientific Writing Workshops allow you to discover, develop and practice new skills that will make the task smoother, easier and enjoyable.

Walking the Talk...The New Curriculum for ESL-ScW

We are running pilot programs in both Sweden and Argentina with remarkable outcomes, and we are thrilled to share the news with you. If you would like to get updates and information about the workshops, available schedule, and fees; please contact our staff and be welcome into our mailing list.

Meeting the Standards for peer review and publishing - Without the academical stress and negative side effects

Flexibility and Discipline as a Foolproof way to Reach the Highest Goal

Backplanning to your goal

Our trademark methodology for workshops include #flippedclassroom and #backplanning as foundational stones. We have adjusted the scissors to make #scientificwritingworkshops flexible and adjusted to every professional's needs. Our pilot courses have allowed us a great sense of fine tuning into personalization of every project. Backplanning has been our best ally for reaching goals effectively...and we are excited to share our learnings with you!

We Are eMindset

For further information, contact Profs. Christer Edman or Veronica Rebora