Jimmy Carter



  • Carter was a Democrat
  • He ran against Gerald Ford, a Republican
  • He won because of inflation, unemployment, and Ford's low credibility
  • The election was still somewhat narrow

Humanitarian efforts

  • Championed black rights in Rhodesia and South Africa
  • 1967 Six Day War - Israel took over Sinai Peninsula
  • Camp David Accords - a peace agreement between Egypt and Israel
  • Egypt got its land back, Israel got its territory respected

Oil issues & Economy

  • OPEC had an embargo against the U.S. because of support for Israel
  • This caused an energy crisis, which caused prices for everything to go up
  • this led to a stagnant economy with high inflation

Iranian Hostage Crisis

  • The Iran hostage crisis occured when the Shah of Iran was deposed
  • The repressive Shah, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, had been supported by America
  • In retaliation, American hostages were taken for over a year