Camp HERO 2015

Welcome to Camp!

Week 1: Crusin' Into Summer

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Camp Hero 2015! We would like to start by saying thank you for sending your children to camp with us this summer. We at Camp HERO are so excited to meet all of your children and look forward to a summer filled with fun and friends!

Our camp coordinator this year is Katelyn Arrington. This is her third year working with Camp HERO and she has done a fantastic job getting everything organized so your kids have a safe and fun camp experience this summer. The two camp leads this summer are Shelby Springs and Perry Todd. This is their second year working camp for the City of Bryan. Shelby will be working in the mornings and Perry will be working in the afternoons.

This summer we will be taking HERO in a new direction by adding "Camp Clubs" your children will sign up for, as well as optional Martial Arts and Golf lessons. We will also be adding "Counselor Challenges" for bragging rights and team rewards and bringing in new games and ideas to keep your kids entertained and engaged all summer long.

Camp will hit the ground running on Monday, June 8 with the theme of "Crusin' Into Summer." The week will be filled with life-sized board games (such as Checkers, Connect Four, and Candy Land), fun summer crafts, pool days, and a trip to Cinemark to see Lego Movie.

The Camp HERO themes for the summer are:
Week 1 (6/8-6/12): Crusin' Into Summer
Week 2 (6/15-6/19): Blast From the Past
Week 3 (6/22-6/26): Around the World
Week 4 (6/29-7/3): Stars & Stripes
Week 5 (7/6-7/10): Wild Wild West
Week 6 (7/13-7/17): Shoot for the Stars
Week 7 (7/20-7/24): Mission Impossible
Week 8 (7/27-7/31): Frozen
Week 9 (8/3-8/7): Camp HERO's Got Talent
Week 10 (8/10-8/14): The HERO Games

For your convenience, we have included a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If the answer to your question is not provided below, please contact the HERO coordinator Katelyn Arrington at
  • Do I need to register my child for the whole week or just for the day? Children can be registered by the week or by the day. The cost for a day is $25. The cost for a week is $100. If you are registering more than one child, the cost for additional children is $90/week.
  • What time is drop off/pick up? Children may be dropped off at Bowen Elementary NO EARLIER than 7:30 am. Children should be picked up NO LATER than 6:00 pm.
  • What is your child to counselor ratio? Our camper to counselor ratio is 15:1
  • What should my child bring to camp? You should send your child to camp with a lunch and a water bottle. We highly discourage campers from bringing personal items (cell phones, game devices, etc.) to camp. If your child does bring these items, Camp HERO and its staff are not responsible for any lost or damaged items.
  • Do I need to send my child with a lunch and/or snack? Parents are responsible for sending their child to camp with a morning snack and a lunch. The afternoon snack is provided by the camp. If you are worried about the contents of the snacks we provide, please provide your child with an afternoon snack in addition to the morning snack and lunch.
  • What if my child has severe allergies and/or requires medication during the day? We do have procedure in place should your child have an allergy that may require the emergency administration of an epi pen. All other medications can only be administered if the lead counselors are given a note of permission to administer those medications.
  • What can/should my child bring to camp on pool days and what safety precautions are in place to ensure my child will be safe at the pool? On pool day, children should come to camp wearing their swimsuit, cover-up, and sandals or flip-flops. They should also bring a change of clothes and TENNIS SHOES to change into once we return from the pool. Life jackets are allowed but arm floaties are not. For the safety of all children, many of our camp counselors are American Red Cross Lifeguard certified. In addition, children who wish to swim in the deep end of the pool will take a swim test each time we go to the pool.
  • Does my child need to bring money to camp? The only days we require campers to bring money are the days of the NASA field trip and the Horseshoe Junction field trip. We ask that children bring $5 on these field trip days to help offset our costs. There are also a few optional days to bring money. On days we go to the movies, your child may bring $5 for the kid's snack pack (popcorn and a drink). They may also want to bring $1 in quarters on the day we go to the Franklin Zoo. These quarter are used at a machine to buy food the children can feed the animals.
  • Speaking of movies, what movies will the children be watching? The movies vary from week to week, but all are G-rated. Most of our movies are of the Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks variety.
  • What are the drop off times for the camp field trips? The times for each field trip vary depending on where we are going. We will let you know the week prior to the field trip what times we will be leaving, what time your child must be at camp, as well as when we will return.
  • Are chaperons need for trips and how do we travel? We travel on all Camp HERO field trips on Bryan ISD buses driven by Bryan ISD bus drivers and we do not require any chaperons for any of our field trips. We have both afternoon and morning staff attend field trips as needed as well as we can pull counselors from our other summer camp program to provide optimum safety for our campers. Guardians are more than welcom to attend field trips we just ask that you provide your own transportation and purchase your own ticket.

Until next time,

Shelby and Perry

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