EC PTA Newsletter

December 2019 Updates!

Joe Corbi's Fundraiser!

Due to school closing early the Joe Corbi's product pick-up scheduled for today has been rescheduled to this WEDNESDAY from 3:30 to 7:30PM in the EC Cafeteria. Please drive around the back of the school and enter through the cafeteria doors. Please share this information with anyone who purchased items from you.

Thank you for all your support and making our contribution to field trips and assemblies!

Our EC School Store & Holiday Shop!

The school store will be open every Wednesday from now till Christmas! The EC Holiday Shop will be open Tuesday through Thursday this week for any final holiday shopping.

Grades 1-3: 12/4, 12/18

  • Grade 2: 11:25-11:35
  • Grade 1: 11:35-11:45
  • Grade 3: 12:10-12:15

Grades 4-6: 12/11, 12/19

  • Grade 4: 11:35-11:45
  • Grade 6: 1:55-12:05
  • Grade 5: 12:45-12:55


  • 12/11: Umstead PM 1:30-2:00pm
  • 12/13: Kearney AM 10:10-10:40am
  • 12/17: Umstead AM 10:10-10:40am
  • Kearney PM 2:15-2:45pm

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EC PTA Family Movie Night!

December 18, 2019

We hope to see you at our Free Family Movie Night on Wednesday Dec 18th. Doors Open at 5:45. Story time at 6pm. Movie starts at 6:15. Bring your own comfy seating! Free popcorn, hot chocolate and cookies! If you signed up for drop off for this event, please pick up your child at 8PM sharp!

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Penny Wars!

1, 2, 3, 4….. We Declare A Penny War!

​December 9th - December 20th
All Grade Competition!

The Rules:
Collect pennies and bills of any amount in your grade's bucket. All pennies and bills will add to your grade's total score. Place any silver coins in another grade's bucket and these will get subtracted from their total!

1 penny = 1 point
1 nickel = -5 points
1 dime = -10 points
1 quarter = -25 points
1 dollar = 100 points
5 dollars = 500 points
And so on...

Highest scoring grade gets a Holiday Hot Chocolate and Cookie Party in January!

Proceeds will help EC PTA sponsor spring family social events.

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Where does your money go?

As a non profit organization we are continually raising money for all the activities and services we provide for our students here at EC. We wanted to inform you where all of your amazing support for our fundraisers is being spent and distributed. Our fundraising provides us the opportunities to support the students with activities/programs/events that we do not charge for participation! Our fiscal year runs from July 1st through June 30th. Many events require bookings months ahead of time, so we are constantly raising money for the next school year. We also try to give our families many alternative ways to help contribute to our fundraising with various events throughout the year.

Below is a list of the main recurring things PTA provides to our students annually (not including the expenses for running a non-profit; including but not limited to office supplies, decorations, postage, prizes etc.). We do our best trying to get things and services donated as much as possible!

  • 6th grade promotion gifts - $400
  • Insurance for the PTA - $600
  • Security for all PTA events - $1000
  • Fall Family Fun Fest - $1500
  • Pizza Bingo and Raffle - $1000
  • 5th/6th Grade Social - $600
  • Art Department Donation - $200
  • Assemblies - $1500
  • Author Visits - $5000
  • Bounce Back To School Bash - $2000
  • Field Day and Field Trip Shirts - $3500
  • Field Trip $10 allotment for each Student - $6100
  • Hand Sanitizer for each Classroom - $200
  • Hospitality - $1000
  • Ice Cream Social - $500
  • Library Donation - $100 (plus donations from book fair)
  • Family Movie Night - $250
  • Music Department Donation - $600
  • PE/Health Donation - $100
  • Science Fair Expenses - $525
  • Someone Special Dance - $500
  • Staff Apprieciation - $500
  • Talent Show - $50
  • Snack Assistance - $500
  • Yearbook Expense (Donation of yearbook to each 6th Grader) - $2500

That is a total of $32,875!


Currently we have 13 parents signed up for Shoparoo and are close to getting $50 of FREE money! Imagine what we could raise if we got 50 parents signed up! With certain events needing only $200-300, this could fund one of our events without ever spending any money.

Hassle-Free Fundraising! Turn your shopping receipts into donations for your school. It's that simple. Download the Shoparoo App and select East Coventry PTA as your school of choice. Every time you shop, login to the app and take a photo of your receipt. Each receipt counts as points or raffle drawings (based on your spending). Points are accumulated and turned into cash for the PTA!

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EC PTA Amazon WishList!

We Need Paper!
​(and while you're at it - you can add ECPTA as your designated charity on Smile!)
ECPTA provides all our own paper for any communications that go out to our students. We're looking to build up a stock of colored papers for all our flyers! Any brand - any color will do! (as long as it's printer paper!)

Free Money For EC!

We are still collecting physical boxtops as well so don't throw them away!

Box Tops is Going Digital!

Box Tops is changing to fit today's families. The new and improved Box Tops mobile app uses state-of-the-art technology to scan your store receipt, find participating products and instantly add Box Tops to your school's earnings online.
  • MORE CONVENIENT - Redeem anywhere, anytime within 14 days of purchase
  • ​REAL TIME - Your school’s earnings are automatically updated online
  • EXTRA CASH - Access special bonus offers on top of your Box Tops earnings
  • EASY TO USE - No more clipping or sending Box Tops to school

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A+ School Rewards
  • Register your Giant Food Stores Reward Card online or sign in to your account.
  • Select East Coventry Elementary.
  • Selected school earns money from your qualified purchases during the program year.
  • All funds go directly to the school (not ECPTA budget).

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Check out the EC PTA Website!

Everything you need to know to keep up-to-date with your PTA! Bookmark it today so you can have access to all the events and news from the East Coventry PTA.

Get Involved!

Your voice and talents are needed! Get involved today by becoming part of a committee that will best serve your talents! We are in need of Committee volunteers - Click for more information.

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2019-2020 East Coventry PTA Events

  • December 18 - Joe Corbi's Order Pickup 3:30-7:30pm
  • December 9-20 - Penny Wars!
  • December 10, 2019 - General EC PTA Meeting (All Welcome) Dr. Lloyd will be joining us to provide updates on the Delayed Start options.
  • December 18, 2019 - Movie Night
  • January 14, 2020 - General EC PTA Meeting (All Welcome)
  • January 24, 2020 (Snow Date January 31, 2020) - Pizza Bingo & Basket Raffle
  • February 11, 2020 - General EC PTA Meeting (All Welcome)
  • February 21, 2020 (Snow Date February 28, 2020) - Someone Special Dance
  • March 2-13, 2020 - Read-A-Thon
  • March 10, 2020 - General EC PTA Meeting (All Welcome)
  • March 16, 2020 - School Assembly - Wacky Science
  • March 19, 2020 - Talent Show
  • April 3, 2020 - 5/6th Grade Social
  • April 14, 2020 - General EC PTA Meeting (All Welcome)
  • May 1, 2020 - Ice Cream Social & Art Show
  • ​May 12, 2020 - General EC PTA Meeting (All Welcome)
  • May 21, 2020 (Rain Date May 29, 2020) - Field Day

PTA General Meeting

Tuesday, Jan. 14th 2020 at 7pm

East Coventry Elementary School

Please join us for our monthly PTA General Membership Meetings -- your voice and presence is extremely important. We would love to see you! Meetings are usually held on the second Tuesday of each month (note some exceptions) at 7:00 pm in the school library. Click here for all the meeting times and dates.


President - Betsy Iannarino
1st Vice President - Cara Burrell
2nd Vice President - Jenniffer Colon
Treasurer - Nikki Young
Secretary - Kelly Walker

Questions? Email us at: