Hero Project


“Introductory paragraph”

Which person would spend hours of their time to give find children who would be interested in robotics? Which person would then sacrifice their free time to help the children in building their robot? Of all the people I’ve met, only one person would willingly do that. She has helped a group of children including me understand engineering concepts in a few weeks that would normally be taught at high schools over the span of months. My robotics teacher’s personal interests is something she couldn’t care less about. Instead, she puts everyone else’s interests above her personal interests. My robotics teacher being one of the most, if not the most, selfless person I’ve ever met has allowed us to get constant help and feedback, allowing us to get to the National Robotics competition for robotics as a rookie team. I cannot think of anyone more impactful on my life than my robotics teacher.

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Our robotics teachers spending their time helping us find the flaws in our robots.

Gear trains in robotics

My personal hero was my robotics teacher. She has helped me understand the complexities of engineering, and I am very grateful for that. As this project is dedicated to her helping me with robotics, I chose to learn more about something that is commonly done in robotics. I chose to learn about gear trains. In every robot our team builds, we use at least one instance of mechanical advantage. For something that was so prevalent in our designs, I knew almost nothing about. It really seemed like this was a topic that I should know more about. As this topic was so closely related to my personal hero as well as being something that I was interested in, I knew I had to choose it for my research project.
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A competition with some of the smartest highschoolers in the state. Alone, there is no way we could possibly finish first in this competition. However, with the guidance of our coaches, we managed finish as one of the elite teams. My robotics team is constantly thankful to our coaches help.
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