Albretch Durer

Biography and Works of Art


Albrecht Durer famously known German Renaissance artist. Durer was born in 1471 on May 21 and died in 1528 on April 6. Durer lived and died in Nuremberg, Germany. In Nurnberg on May 1494 Durer met and married Agnes Frey. Durer did many momentous painting featuring print, woodcuts, engravings, watercolors, etc.

Durer started drawing at a young age, at the age of 13 he drew one of his first self portraits. On one of durer’s trips to Italy he was very influenced by the Italy artwork and we can see that effect in many of his paintings. Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico was one of Durer’s patrons. In Nurnberg emperor Maximilian I listed Durer into his service. For a while Durer worked for Maximilian and collaborated with famous German artists until 1519.


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