Dreams By: Languston Huges

BY: Bri Spence

T- Title

the poem could be about dreams and nighmares.

P- Paraphrase

the author/speaker is saying that dreams are their for long so hold on the them till they die in your mind. it is comparing dreams to a broken winged bird that cannot fly so dreams can be happy but then suddenly die. "when the dreams go, it is a barren field frozen in snow" witch means it is left and forgotten all alone.

C- Connotation

the poem might mean that the author/speaker is telling you that hold on to your dreams because their is life that is great with dreams and life that is not.

A- Attitude/Tone

the Author/Speaker seems to be one of worry and seriousness seen as shown by "Hold on to dreams for if they die life is a broken winged bird who cannot fly"

S- Shifts

their is a sudden change from the begining to the end of the poem it is getting deeper and saddening as seen by "hold on to dreams for if they die life is a broken-winged bird" and "For when dreams go life is a barren field frozen with snow."

T- Title

I think the title Dreams is now more about holding on to your dreams because if they die life is like a broken- winged bird who cannot fly.

T- Theme

i think the theme of this poem is about how your dreams are the most inportant part of your life holding together your life.


this is a deep poem written by: Langston Hughes and is TPCASTT by: Bri Spence