By Kirsten Pruitt

Overview/History of Ballad

Ballad was a form of folk song that had told an exciting store.Ballads were made up of simple words and rhymes. They were first created in Great Britain six or seven centuries ago.

Purpose of Ballad

The purpose of a Ballad poem is to tell a story through the form of a song or through a poem.

Characteristics of Ballads

four to three beats, often in quatrains, rhymed AB,AB, also they often tell a story. They usually rhyme and are divided into stanzas.

Example of Ballad's

Little Ballad Of A Sailor

By: Gaston Figueira Uruguayo

Translated by: Lloyd Mallan

Like an orchard what the night

with its bright fruit-like stars;

while drunken with sadness

to the transient ocean

the sailor was singing

in emotion and lament:

"At sea life is bitter;

my devotion is to the land!"

Clustered bright with stars and free

was that night like an orchard.

Then through the city, dense

and sweeping

went wandering the sailor

sorrowed by his pleasures

and his cold tight soul,

and heard weeping

the voice of his heart:

"On land life is bitter;

to the sea my devotion!"

And was free as an orchard that night

with its bright fruit trees of stars.

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