Celebrities and Anxiety Disorders

In this issue: Johnny Depp

We don't usually think that celebrities suffer though mental disorder, due to their fame and what it seems an immunity to everything. However, celebrities are people like ourselves, who go through many of the same thing we do on a daily bases.

Johnny Depp

One of the most famous and talented actors in our lifetime is also someone who suffers from social anxiety. "I'm still sort of dealing with it. I don't think it's anything you ever get use to" he says on his fame. He also says he doesn't go out very much and that he stays home a lot. Johnny Depp has been able to manage by employing a suite of relaxation techniques and has a group of therapists who help him deal with his anxiety. Often times media outlets or the public refer to his introversion as a form of rudeness, but you can imagine how difficult it must be to excel at your craft when your profession is at odds with your emotional life. Depp is a testament to the power of the human will and to good therapy.
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