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Book info

Dewey Number: 941.5

Dewey section: Geography and history

Title: Ireland, enchantment of the world

Author: Jean F. Blashfield

Basic Information of Ireland

Irelands capitol is Dublin, The official language is Gaelic and English. There is also no official religion. Ireland's population is currently 4,775,982. St. Patrick's day is a big holiday in Ireland they celebrate it a lot more extravagant than we do in the U.S.

History Background

By the Act of Union in 1801 Great Britain and Ireland became the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
The republic of Ireland was founded in 1948. Northern Ireland was founded in 1920.

Why Ireland is important

Ireland is important because without them we would not have our Irish dancers special foods like my favorite Shepard's pie. And of course we wouldn't have St. Patrick's Day!!!!

List of special dates

St. Patrick's Day March 17

St. Stephens Day December 26

Christmas December 25

Orangeman's Day July 12

Good Friday Friday before Easter

May Day First Monday in May