Mississippi's Civil Rights Movment

Period 4

Civil Rights Movement?

Well if you do not know what the Civil Rights Movement then maybe we should start there. The Civil Rights Movement was a effort black people made just because they wanted to be treated equally. The Civil Rights Movement lasted for about fouteen years the dates were from 1954-1968.

Vocabulary words

Poll Tax- The tax on voting

They added this tax that way poor black people would not vote.

Literacy test-before voting there was tests

These test were taken before voting and was very unfair for the blacks because they did not always get the best education as white people did.

Jim Crow Laws- Thelma's that kept the blacks and the whites separate

The Jim Crow Laws were set during the Civil Rights Movement.


The whole main purpose for the Civil Rights Movement was to create equality. "But why did the whites do all those things if they where trying to be equal?" Well you see the whites did not like the idea of being equal they perpherd that the rules were better before. Yet the blacks saw the injustice and knew if they wanted for it to get better they were have roughy for it. They had to fight for it in a peaceful way a non-violent way that was lead by Martin Luther King Jr (he was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi.

Who helped

Well everyone knows the most famous of them all is Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Lither King Jr was well known for his, " I have a dream" speech and he is well recognized for his bravery to this day. There is also Rosa Parks for refusing to stand up in the bus. I do not blame Rosa Parks, she was tired of alsways having to move just for the whites to be able to sit in the bus seat and I know that standing up to whites back then was very hard. They both helped shape modern days by encouraging people to stand up to there rights.

White helpers

Black people were not the only one helping with the Civil Righs movement there was some whites helping them devople and become more equal. As I said there were some whites that knew this was unfair. They found simpathy for those blacks. Let's see, the Rockefeller family founded and fund the first black Woman's collage. That took an act of courage because not everyone wanted to treat blacks fairly.