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Defending Our Assessment

Defending our Assessment


  • Meaning we provide the students with a clear, fair and also useful assessment of their class participating is challenging for even the most seasoned educator. › Articles › Educational Assessment

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    Sep 14, 2008

Defending Our Assessment


As I found out is that assessment begins as early as the day that they are born in the world and as they get older its our job to teach them and help them. And we will also do an assessment on them but we will explain to them what and why we are doing it.

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Mar 27, 2014

Instructor: Wendy Ricci

Delivery and Assessment of Students

The student needs to be able to delivery what they have learned and be able for the teacher to do an assessment just to see if they are ready. And we need to make sure they understand what's going on so that they will know and be prepared.

Class Participation Assessment

When we have participation of the students in the class we know that it is an important quality of there learning. So with the students class participation is a good thing for them and so we can teach them and also assess them on what they have learned and she that they succeed.

Class Participation Assessment (2)

So as I students succeed they go on to the next level and this is what I was working at with them to see that they make it and also I'm proud of there success and they should to because they made it.

Success of the Student Assessment

When my students succeed I will be proud of them and this is how they did it.

A student can be successful by there Advantage, Curiosity, Sociability, Resilience, Self Awareness, Intergrity ,Resourcefulness, Creativity, Empathy and this is what i want from my students is being successful and we know also they can be unsuccessful but with our help they will be successful.

Conclusion of the Assessemt

With the students I'm here for them and I want them to be assess right and also succeed in what ever hey do because I know that they can do it and if ever they ever need me I'm here for them.