Meeting REPORT fromthe first Thursday @ 7.00 pm [May 5]


Five people attended, several prayed


We identified a FFF Contact Person for each point of duplication

We meet last evening [Thursday] and received a report from each and planned together the next steps

We then prayed for this comple Auckland based multiplication venture

HSBC -with Stephen C [Bruce]

  • Venture Confirmed
  • Core Gp formed
  • Core Gp meeting to pray
  • Elders final logistical decisions May 16 - we support in prayer
  • R Feast invites [To share]
  • R Feast planning
  • James also working in background to facilitate good progress

LRBC with Murray Y [Bruce]

  • Strategic Mtg undertaken
  • Core Team identified
  • Core Team yet to meet
  • Host venue yet to commit
  • Otahuhu BC with Das [James]

Mangere BC with Ps [Peter L]

  • Planning to commence and report at next mtg

GCC with ? and to be appointed [Bryan J]

  • Bruce >< Bryan conversation

Eastside with Ps [Steve D]

  • Planning to commence and report at next mtg

PFC with Ps [Braham [Paul]]

  • Planning to commence and report at next mtg

Northside [WPBC] with Alan/Kelvin [Bruce]

  • Conversations started
  • Elders to consider
  • Core team identified

Avondale BC with Ps [Daniel]

  • Conversations started
  • Concept endorsed
  • Core Leaders identified
  • Planning to commence and report at next mtg

As you can see we have made good progress since last month, prayers continue to be answered.

Setting up FFF type gatherings is not the end in itself, rather we know these gatherings are a vehicle/tool to use so as to be able to introduce those who do not know Isa to his love and power

Our goal, our prayers for the coming weeks is for conversations at each new site to continue and to progress the planning to the point of having:

  • A committed team of core leaders
  • A schedule weekly prayer gathering
  • Planning for the initial gathering - a R feast ?

We meet again in June [First Thursday] [June 2: Thursday at 7.00 pm] to debrief on what has been happening on these fronts and pray again

Please lets all commit this to daily prayer