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Minidoka County School District

Week of October 19-23

Reimagining Classrooms: Teachers as Learners and Students as Leaders | Kayla Delzer | TEDxFargo

Upcoming Dates

October 19: Spencer's Own

  • 8:30 & 9:30 @ Rupert Elementary
  • 1:00 Minico
October 19: School Board Meeting

  • Board Work Session-Technology
October 20: Spencer's Own
  • 9:00 Heyburn, Paul, Acequia, TLC @ Minico
  • 1:00 East & West @ Minico
October 21: PPAT Meeting 12:00-1:00 DSC

October 22: New Teacher Mentor Meeting 4:00-5:00 DSC

October 28-29: Principal's Network-Boise

All Admin meetings will now begin at 8:00 AM


Birth Certificates

Do all students have birth certificates? Letters need to be sent home if they don't.

Flu Shot Staff Schedule

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  • Transportation staff may receive a flu shot on Oct. 20 at any of the schools listed
  • Minico students will receive flu mist on Oct. 16 at 8:30 am. East students will receive flu mist on Oct. 16 at 9:45.
  • Times for Paul and West staff will be scheduled closer to the date.
  • Students at Paul, Heyburn and West will receive flu mist after Lisa gets another shipment of vaccine.
  • Please call Sherry B. with any questions or concerns.

Board Meeting- Class Size Report

Here is a copy of the Class Size Report that will be released in the board packet today for discussion at next Monday's board meeting.


Please remember to use the attached forms to track bullying etc. incidents in your building. Dr. Cox will work with someone to develop a google forms version over the next few weeks.

Federal Programs

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Please make sure the posters that were handed out at the admin meeting and/or through district mail are visible to all parents and patrons that enter the school building.

Contact Sylvia Benavidez with any questions.

Special Services News

Oct. 20 Parenting with Love and Logic 6:30 pm DSC

Oct. 22 MTSS / RTI District Lead Team Meeting 8am - 3 pm DSC

November 1 Immunization Reports Due

Parenting With Love and Logic

It is not too late to join the Parenting With Love and Logic class. There are 5 more classes left. If you know of anyone who is interested in attending, please encourage them to come!


Send information to Dr. Cox by October 23rd.

Is your school hosting a career day?

Is your school hosting a science night?

Does your school host a science/STEM fair?

Do you have some other STEM-related event that you host?

If so, I would really like to hear from you!

I am trying to understand what events are currently occurring throughout Idaho schools in order to understand how to share (and potentially scale up) some of these “STEMazing” activities.

If you could please send me information, a link or a contact name, I will take it from there.

Thank you for your support of STEM!

Angela Hemingway

Executive Director, STEM Action Center

Office of the Governor


Tip for Healthy Living

Why should I exercise?

Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise prevents health problems, builds strength, gives you more energy, and can help you reduce stress. It can also help you maintain a healthy body weight and curb your appetite.

What are the benefits of exercise?

Adding exercise to your routine can positively affect your life. Exercise can:

  • Reduce your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes, and obesity
  • Keep joints, tendons, and ligaments flexible, which makes it easier to move around and decreases the chance of falling
  • Reduce some of the effects of aging, especially the discomfort of osteoarthritis
  • Contribute to mental well-being and help treat depression
  • Help relieve stress and anxiety
  • Increase energy and endurance
  • Improve sleep
  • Help maintain a normal weight by increasing your metabolism (the rate you burn calories)

Misc. Information

Mindset Notes from Admin Meeting

Ask yourself each day, "What are my opportunities for growth and learning today?

Have a GREAT week!