Johanna - My Planet


Symbol of MY PLANET

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How MY PLANET got its name

jupiter,known as zeas in greak mythology,over throw his father satrun to become king of gods.

How jupiter was discovered

a scientist discover jupiter with a mateur telescope in his lap in july 1994.

What MY PLANET looks like

jupiter looks like a colorful planet.

Distances of MY PLANET

Order from the Sun:5th

Distance from the sun in AU:5.26au

in km:778.3km

Distance from the Earth in AU:588million km.

in km:

Orbit and Rotation of MY PLANET

Number of days to orbit around the sun:

Length of one day (number of hours in one day):

Water forms on jupiter

the water is the clouds.

Weather on MY PLANET

jupiter is really stormy.

Rings and Satellites on MY PLANET

in jupiter there is 3 rings around jupiter

Exploration to MY PLANET

nobody was there but they put this robot to see what there is in jupiter.

Human colony on MY PLANET

no colony can servive in jupiter becuse there is no air,warter,food, and it is really hot.

Picture of MY PLANET

jupiter is a colorful planet ans it is brown,lightbrown and color yellow.

Atmosphere and Temperature of MY PLANET

the tempurture is 778 deggries
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