I want that job

By: Abby Phillips

Job description

A film and video editor can work for a lot of people and them selves. They can create documentary's, they can do them about endangered species to help the animals. When they do it about the endangered species it helps raise money for the animals. They can also do effects in a video to make it look like its happening.

one cool fact about this job..

A cool fact fact about this job is that when you do film and video editing you could do it for like anyone including them selves, they could work for famous movie directors.

how does this career benefit society?

Film and video editing helps benefit the society because they help raise money for the endangered species, they can do like documentary's about them.

Education requirement and skills needed..

To do film and video editing you would need computer skills, well-rounded education, possibly a bachelors degree, and hand and eye coordination.

personality needed for the job..

If you want to do film and video editing then you would need a personality that has creativity and originality.

Annual salary or wages & job growth

A year the salary or wages would be $57,210.00.

The job growth is- Little or no change (-2% to 2%)

Companies that hire in this field..

CBS, CNN, and The Walt Disney Company.