Be True To Dover

April Newsletter- Volume 1

Be True To Dover Yard Signs

If you would like a "Vote No" yard sign please email or call 508-934-7112 and leave your name & address on the voicemail.

Vote NO Twice!

Town Meeting is on May 1st. The Town Meeting vote is important...yes, please attend and vote NO! The order of the articles has changed and the Rail Trail articles will be voted on earlier in the evening than originally planned.

If the vote is "NO" at town meeting the town will cease their negotiations with the MBTA.

It is unlikely that the final version of the lease will be ready by Town Meeting on May 1st. Therefore, you will be asked to vote on a lease that has NOT yet been approved by the MBTA. Citizens will be asked to vote on lease terms that have not been agreed upon by the MBTA. Does that sound like a good idea?

If the vote is yes, we will have the opportunity to vote NO (again) at the Town Election, on May 15th.

Both votes are non-binding and advisory for the Selectmen so we need to voice our opinions at Town Meeting and at the Town Election!

If you are going to be away or you have a child in college who would like to vote "NO" please file an Absentee Ballot.

Vote YES on the Wildlife and Biodiversity Study at Town Meeting!

Be True to Dover has filed a Citizen's Petition asking the town to conduct an important Wildlife Habitat and Biodiversity study on the precious conservation land adjacent to the rail bed prior to any construction or development.

This is UNLIKE any other study that will be conducted as part of the standard due diligence process.

Dr. Rick Van de Poll, PhD a noted New England environmentalist who specializes in biodiversity conservation, presented at the Warrant Open Hearing about the importance of understanding the impact of development on ecosystems, habitats and water sources in Dover. Citizens deserve to understand the consequences of developing a rail bed through conservation land. Vote Yes to the study at Town Meeting on Monday, May 1st.

Safety Concerns

Yes... there is crime on Rail Trails...even local trails near Dover. In December of 2016 on the Upper Charles River Rail Trail in Milford a woman was hit on the head from behind while jogging.

Here is a list of crime reported on Rail Trails from 2015-2017.

In Dover, there have been homes and yards broken into via the rail bed. Incidents are often kept out of the local police log.

Equestrian Concerns

Did you know that there are miles of bridle paths in Dover adjacent to the rail bed? IF the rail bed is developed into a trail, equestrians and people using the trail will have to be VERY careful of each other. Unleashed dogs pose a huge risk to riders and their horses. In other towns there are leash laws, not in Dover...therefore, the risk is greater for injury to all parties, meeting unexpectedly, on the trail.

Three Town Trail or MORE? What will the future hold?

Local Citizens Write Letters to The Editor!

Abutters on all parts of the rail bed are concerned...if not now, but for the future!

This resident feels there are many unanswered questions!

Dover resident participates in the opinion question in this week's Globe West section of the Sunday Boston Globe!

How can you help?

1. Talk to your neighbors about your concerns, write a letter to the Board of Selectmen. Forward this newsletter to friends.

2. Attend Town Meeting on May 1st and Vote NO.

3. Cast your private ballot on May 15th and Vote NO.

4. Email betruetodover@gmail to make a donation to our cause.