Instructional Technology Update

January 7, 2016

Note From Technology Department:

Over the holiday break, we continued to update foundational pieces of technology at Keene ISD. No computers were reimaged over the break due to time constraints. We want to always test updates and changes prior to implementation in the classroom in order to reduce disruption to your teaching. Continue to put in work orders for equipment or systems that are not working in your classroom or computer labs. We are working hard on creating a reliable and consistent technology experience for your classroom.

Google Apps for Education

Keene ISD has now begun integration of Google Apps for Education or GAFE, for short. GAFE is not only a classroom learning management system, it is also a tool for better communication and sharing of resources amongst teachers and administration. GAFE gives the teacher and students access to Google Classroom which will organize your classes through a protected Google "playground". Implementation has already begun with a small focus group, and we will be expanding the rollout throughout the spring semester.
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Click on the link above to read/watch a tutorial on how to take any poster size graphic and turn it into a poster for your classroom WITHOUT a poster printer. The free program allows you to print from your standard printer. Great tool for your classroom!

Great Tool for Videos: EDpuzzle

Great website that allows you to create assessments to embed in videos you want to show your students. It also creates a central location for your video resources.
how to use edpuzzle

Sometimes, It's the "Little Things"

In teaching, I found that many "little things" created a lot of work for me in my classroom. As I began to add technology, I was constantly looking for tools to help reduce the "little things" that were taking up so much time. Click on the form below and share with me a "little thing" that you would like me to find a technology tool for in order to lighten your load.