Finding Books

FCPS Middletown Middle School (TLC)

These instructions will help you find what you are looking for in the Middletown Middle School Library

Two Ways to Search: At a Glance

The keyword search is most commonly used and is often referred to as a "natural language" search.

The subject search is more technical and often more accurate. Results on a subject search must have the term somewhere in the official LCSH record.

Get Started

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First we will search in the main search box that shows...

Try searching for a book about a "Cat"

Remember, this is a keyword search.

Keyword Searches:

These are the most common searches. The results will be any material that has the search term anywhere in the record for that material. It could be in the title, summary, description, etc. Sometimes your results may not even be relevant. For example, a book with a character named "Cat" could be part of the results.

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See the results...

You probably do not want to look at 142 books to find your information.
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Try this:

Do a subject search you will need to click Advance Search.
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Now do a "subject search"

Subject Searches:

All books have subject headings assigned to them by the Library of Congress which is in Washington DC and is the oldest and largest library in our country.

You will need to make sure you spell your search terms correctly. Notice that you need to change the pull-down menu to "Subject."

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Search for "Cat" again.

This is one way to narrow the results.
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When using a subject search...

The search will return books with terms that are found in the Library of Congress Search Headings. (LCSH) Remember, every book has LCSH assigned to it. This type of search can narrow your search if you are getting too many results.

Try these search terms to find what you are looking for:

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