Current Issues in Monsoon Asia

By: Macie Flenar and Kelleigh Brooks

Population Growth

Monsoon Asia deals with issues of under population and over population. An example of under population would be Japan. Japan has 140 villages in the Monzen Province and more than 40% of it, has fewer than 10 households, all populated by elderly. This loss of villages is a major factor causing population decline. Japan also holds the lowest birth rates in the world. They are rapidly becoming "top-heavy," with an increasingly large fraction of older people. On the contrary, Monsoon Asia deals with over population in China. A solution to their overpopulation was the creation of the One Child Policy in 1979 by Wan Xi Shao. Over its lifetime, it has approximately prevented 400 million births.

Pollution in China

Recently, China's economy has been increasing at one of the fastest rates in the world. With that, the enviorment is negatively affected. China's air pollution is widespread: smokestacks flow out black vapor from outdated factories, many people still use coal to heat their houses, and a sudden increase in car ownership has suffocated the nation's roads with exhaust fumes. Additionally, they continue to build about two new fossil-fuel power stations every week, which leads them to the status of being one of the world's biggest emitters of greenhouse gases. Also, China's waterways have been polluted by industrial waste and sewage, which has increased the incidence of waterborne diseases throughout the country.


Offshore outsourcing has become popular in many areas for many industries. This references the movement of certain companies, jobs or information technology (IT), etc. to another country. This happens most of the time because the other country has man many more people who will work more for much less. These laborers are given more opportunities, but work much longer hours. Some of the main locations for this is from the United States is to China and India. This helps companies grow in many ways, but can leave people in the U.S. without jobs.
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Women's Rights

Women's rights has been a battle for years all over the world. In Taiwan, Annette Lu introduced feminism to the country in a very effective way. She wanted more of a woman's role in the government. Lu was arrested and put in prison for 12 years for apparently trying to "overthrow" the government by delivering a speech about women's rights. For many years after she worked harder on making a difference and ended up becoming the first female Vice President of Taiwan from 2000-2008.
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Lack of Education in Cambodia

Cambodia is a newly industrialized country, they have very few skilled workers and an extreme lack of education. Khmer Rouge was a communist group that led to the civil war in Cambodia, this moved many urban families that we're getting education to the rural areas where they received little to no education. Only 47% of kids complete primary school, well only 9 complete secondary. So unfortunately, many Cambodians are being forced into the work force, so the lack of education is becoming much more prominent.
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