Three Blind Mice in Court

By: Courtney Kitson (Module 7-Lesson 1)

The Arrest

An officer appeared in the farmer's wife's kitchen after a neighbor saw her cut the tails of the three blind mice with a carving knife. The officer came to the kitchen to investigate the crime scene, to arrest the farmer's wife, and to take a statement from the neighbor who claimed she was the witness of the crime.

The Indictment

In the following weeks, the farmer's wife and the three blind mice were asked to come to the courthouse for a hearing and to set bail. The defendant was the farmer's wife, she was entitled to a public defender which is a court appointed attorney, and the prosecution was represented by a district attorney. The judge and grand jury, of her peers, met the farmer's wife and the three blind mice at the courthouse to determine if there is enough evidence to indict the defendant (the farmer's wife). In fact there was enough evidence present against the farmer's wife to indict the farmer's wife, so the farmer's wife was charged with a felony.

The Arraignment

The defendant (farmer's wife) appeared at an arraignment and answered the indictment (charge) by saying she was guilty. This is called plea bargaining, as she was trying to get a lesser sentence. At that time the bail was set.

The Trial

At the trial a judge was present along with the petit jury, this is the kind of jury that determined if the defendant was guilty or innocent. The prosecution and the defendant both presented evidence to the court and provided witnesses to aid them in the trial. The witnesses received a subpoena or an order of the court to appear in trial and to serve as a witness. The neighbor who was the only witness of the crime did not commit perjury; she told the truth about what she saw. She stated that the farmer's wife truly cut off the three blind mice's tails with a carving knife.

The Verdict

The verdict was that the farmer's wife was guilty (there was not much chance of being acquitted since she admitted her own guilt). The farmer's wife considered appealing to a higher court for a reversal decision, but decided against it since all the evidence and her own testimony proved her guilty.


Three blind mice. Three blind mice.

See how they run. See how they run.

They all ran after the farmer's wife,

Who cut off their tails with a carving knife,

Did you ever see such a sight in your life,

As three blind mice?