The amazing story of Helen Keller.

by: Nyah Williams

Helen Keller: A thirst for learning

Helen Keller went to see a specialist named Dr. Julian Chisholm. When Helen Keller was a child she had a friend who was the young daughter of the family cook. her friends name was Martha Washington. Helen Keller had contracted an illness called "brain fever" that produced with a high body temperature. Helen Keller helped the american civil liberties union.
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Helen Keller - Her Amazing Story

Helen Keller's Challenges

here are Helen Keller's challenegs:

  1. she was blind and deaf.
  2. she had contracted an illness called "brain fever"
  3. she was very unruly and wild when she was a child, she would kick and scream when she was very angry, and giggle uncontrollably when she was very happy.
  4. she had tormented Martha, her companion/friend.
  5. she would inflict tantrums with her mother and father.
  6. before her 88th birthday, Helen Keller died.

Helen Keller's Successes

Here are Helen Keller's successes:

  • she had a teacher, Anne Sullivan, who helped her learn sign language, and many other words.
  • Helen Keller had learned 30 words by nightfall.
  • she wrote a book called " the story of my life".
  • she had went to a Horace Mann school for the deaf.
  • she went to college.
  • she became a member of the socialist party.

Helen Keller's Legacy

this is Helen Keller's Legacy:

  • Helen Keller had suffered a series of strokes in 196, and then she spent the remaining years of her life at her home in Connceticut.
  • she stood as a powerful example of how determination, hard work, and that can allowed such an individual to triumph over her adversity.
  • she received a lot of honors in recognition in her fabulous accomplishments that Theodore Roosevelt service medal 1936, the election of the amazing woman's hall of fame in 1965, and the presidential medal of freedom in 1964.
  • In addition to her honors, Helen Keller received an honorary doctoral degrees from the Temple University, and from other universities, Delhi, India, Berlin Germany, Glasgow Scotland, and South Africa.