Don't let phones fry your brain

don't let electronics control you

Your phone could ruin your life.

Your phone could ruin your life. For instance, a boy was playing on his phone not even noticing he was about to walk off the bridge. Another example is a boy was walking while playing on his phone and he walk into a pole and suffered a concussion. one day 16 year old Christina Morris-Ward was on her phone and walk right in the cross walk and a car struck her. Later that night she died in the hospital the article is also telling you could be better off without a phone it can hurt you or make you really grumpy and mean.

Do you think digital distraction is a big issue for learners?


Yes I think digital distraction Is a big issue because, people can get killed, injured, brain washed etc.for instance a girl named Christina Morris-Ward died from playing on her phone while crossing the street. so i suggest to be careful. I don't want to die young.

How will this article change my cell phone usage?

I will stop sleeping with my phone near by. The main reason is I will not use my phone while crossing the roads so I don't get hurt. I will also start keeping my phone in my locker.
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