Uncle Tom's Cabin Web Experience

Katherine Goodrich, Jheel Patel

Jheel Patel

a. Some other images that were subtly conveyed in the illustrations were the fact that the white children seemed to be comfortable around black people. This showed that they were later socialized to dislike black people and that as a child, they saw everyone equally.

b. Something that I found interesting was the fact that there were actually white kids that were hanging out with black people. I assumed that they wouldn't be allowed to because of their parents, but they were actually hanging around blacks.

Katherine Goodrich

a. Each image conveys the cyclic system of slavery through the use of children, either the abuse of the black children or the continued familiarization of white children with the lives of slaves in their daily lives.

b. I was the most surprised by the component of slave children in the images. I didn't realize that the brutality of slaves began from their childhood.