It's out of this WORLD!


A Astriods movements are like coments but with out the tail, as they come closer to the sun the speed of the their revolution increases and the gravtational pull also adds up.


Asteroids location is between mars and Jupiter 2-4 Au from the sun.

These Asteroids are further divided into families. They are C-type S-type D-type V-type

Physical Properties

They are Typicallydense with arratic formations of as vast array of materials. Astroids are believed to be the kargest elements other than this the properties of astriods vary just as much as surface of are planet does

How they are made

Asteroids are made up of different substances and minerals. Also asteroids are made when they hit larger asteroids or planets. That only happend in the being of the solar system or in the asteroid belt. They are four types of asteroids.

C-type: it is found in the outer area of the main belt and they are also darker and more carbonaceous then S-type.

S-type: are found in the inner area of the main belt closer to mars and are composed of mostly stone and iron.

D-type: Are also know as the Trojan asteriods of Jupiter and are dark and carbonaceous in nature.

V-type: are far out group they hang out between the orbits of Jupiter and Uranus and are made of igneous eruptive materials.

How the Earth Was Made: Asteroids