Come meet this awesome guy

ME Shemar Russell

Russell Paloza

Friday, Sep. 6th 2013 at 7pm

1100 Peoples Plaza

Newark, DE

You will come see a movie and get to meet me and learn about my future goals of going into medical field and saving and helping 1000's of people

Plans for the day

7:00 PM - As we arrive at the movie theater purchase snacks and mingle a little.
7:30 PM - I will start to talk about my self and teach about my life goals.
8:00 PM - i will talk to each personally and learn a little bit about you.
8:15 PM - movie will start
10:00 PM - movie will end

All about me

I was born on on 4/28/99 and live in Bear,DE and enjoy hanging out with friends. I go to william penn high school and am currently completing this bio in health class with my teacher ms.minka. I am in the STEM college program taking engineering but i really want to be in health (med lab) i have been looking into neurosurgeon and different types of doctor and health related jobs. I enjoy helping and working with people and try to meet new people everyday.

Future Self and goals

I plan to be successful and enjoy what i do. I want to work in the medical field currently and am trying to get into med lab. I hope to get married in the future, have kids, and make vast amount of money. I continue to plan for the future and have begun to look in to colleges. Over the past year i have been applying jobs so i could get acquainted with businesses and have something to put on my resumes. I have also started getting applications for extra curricular activities since the more i do the better that looks on application for college.