The Wright Brothers

By Trevor Bailey & Gracie Bradley

Wright Brothers First Flight (1903)

The begining and end of the Wright Brothers

Wilbur was born on April 16,1867

Orville was born on August 19,1871

Wilbur died on May 30,1912 (45)

Orville died on January 30,1948 (76)

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The childhood of the Wright Brothers

The brothers were inspired by their father since then they have wanted to fly.

When they grew up they owned a bike shop.

They built their first airplane and they went to try it out and it did not fly, so they went back and made the wings larger and made it to where you could fly it with body movements.

Then they went to test it and it flew for only a few minuets and then fell.

So they took it back and built it with a longer wingspan and made it to where you could control it with your feet and levers and it was a success.

Wright Brothers Music Video

The Brothers that gravity forgot

They called the plane the flyer.

It took four brief flights.

They where the first to fly but they used three axis to build it.

in 1908 they made an airplane that could hold two people at once.