Welcome to Baggett!

You may have some questions... Who are my administrators?

Charlotte Sadler, Principal

Who do I go to with a technology question?

When you have a technology problem, you need to request assistance through the employee portal. On the main page of the portal, in the lower left-hand portion of your computer screen, you will see the image (shown below). When you “click here,” you will open Footprints, where you can create a new incident - or request - for assistance. Once you submit your Footprint request, either Keith, Mo, or Suzanne will come to your rescue!

  • Keith Collier, LSTC - Look for Keith if you have a software question - like, “How do I access my email?” or “How do I record attendance?” or “How can I upload a video to eClass?” Keith’s office is downstairs, inside Computer Lab 1.126.
  • Mo Rushlow, TST - Look for Mo if you have a hardware question. If a piece of equipment is missing or not working properly — or you need toner for your printer, Mo can assist you. Mo is located in Room 1.124 near the atrium & front office.
  • Suzanne Skeen, Media Specialist - Go to Suzanne if you need assistance with equipment you receive from the Media Center (Ladybugs, cameras, boom boxes.)
  • Candice Mathews, Media Clerk - Do you have a question about the Media Center, textbooks, laminating, or poster-making? Go to Candice.
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Who does what in the front office?

Veronica Alli, Receptionist

  • Monitors buzz-in security system and greets guests
  • Ensures that all visitors are signed in and wearing a visitor's sticker
  • Answers phone and responds to intercom calls
  • Sends non-emergency phone messages to staff via email
  • Coordinates and welcomes substitute teachers
  • Processes changes in student transportation arrangements; issues bus passes
  • Assists with Attendance recording, when necessary
Debbie Bowers, Clinic Worker
  • Assists students and staff with injuries and illnesses
  • Administers daily medications
  • Prepares “mobile meds” for field trips
  • Maintains school AED’s
  • Documents all clinic visits and prepares regular clinic reports
  • Provides change of clothing for students, when necessary
  • Makes reports to Risk Management regarding accidental injuries (by staff or students) at school
Donna Cross, Administrative Assistant
  • Maintains school calendar and, as SAM, supports principal and assists with principal’s calendar
  • Assists with human resources issues - absence management, benefits, leave requests, employee concerns
  • Provides keys, name tags, classroom signs
  • Supports Debbie Bowers in Risk Management issues
  • Submits requests for building maintenance concerns - air conditioning, broken fixtures, plumbing, and electrical problems
  • Sends Daily and weekly emails/newsletters to staff & school community
  • Maintains schedule for meetings and coordinates stellar sub assignments.
  • Assists with meeting planning and special events
  • Serves as back-up to the clinic
  • Notary Public
Clara Harris, Student Data Management Clerk
  • Maintains student database in SIS (previously SASI)
  • Responsible for FTE reporting
  • Enters attendance changes (tardies, absences due to check-outs, unexcused absences, etc.)
  • Maintains student records throughout the school year
  • Maintains permissive transfer files
  • Responds to outside records requests
  • Assists with registrations and withdrawals, when necessary
  • Serves as back-up to the Clinic
Cynthia Jennings, Administrative Clerk
  • Shares front desk activities (buzz-in security system, welcoming guests, answering phones and intercom)
  • As SAM, supports Assistant Principals and assists with maintaining their calendars
  • Enters discpline information into SIS
TBA, Registrar
  • Gives school tours to prospective families
  • Welcomes & enrolls new students; withdraws students who are leaving
  • Consults with APs to determine class placements
  • Requests new student records
  • Maintains acquired legal papers (child custody papers, restraining orders)
  • Processes McKinney Vento paperwork for homeless students
  • Supports front desk activities, whenever possible
  • Assists with student records maintenance
  • Prepares Student Recognition ribbons, Honor Roll and Top Titan Poster Displays
  • Fluent in Spanish; assists with translating for Spanish-speaking students & guests
  • Notary Public
Sharon Smith-Gibson, Bookkeeper
  • Oversees school’s budget and bookkeeping
  • Purchases supplies and equipment
  • Provides copy codes to staff members and monitors copier usage
  • Maintains physical inventory (all furniture, cabinets, equipment)
  • Processes all monies collected and prepares bank deposits
  • Coordinates school fundraising activities
  • Assists with field trip planning
  • Oversees MyPaymentsPlus account activity
  • Assists with stocking & maintaining school copiers
Gloria Raymer, Instructional Clerk
  • Stocks photocopiers with paper on a daily basis; assists with copiers
  • Distributes U.S and courier mail
  • Supervises students in the Opportunity Room
  • Provides back-up support to office staff, when needed

Who else will I get to know?

Cynthia Nelligan, Cafeteria Manager

  • Check with her about setting up a personal lunch account
  • Inform her of any known food allergies and/or restrictions (for yourself or your students)
  • Include her in your field trip planning.

Tony Rogers, Head Custodian

  • Call the front office if you need a custodian's assistance
  • Report any building problems, stains on carpet, etc. immediately

Where can I find...

Where can I find an administrator or a counselor when I need one?

Their offices are in various locations throughout the building; if school is in session, and you need to see someone right away, use your call button to request to see an administrator or counselor, and the front office will radio a message on your behalf.

Where is the Mail Room?

Within the front office space (1.119)
Where is the Professional Learning Room?
Upstairs (2.178)
Where is the Data Room?
Upstairs (2.116)

Where are the photocopiers for general use?

1st floor: Workroom near Pre-K (1.257)

2nd floor: Photocopiers in Planning Rooms (2.113)**, (2.166), and (2.153)

Where is a fax machine?

There is a fax machine in Donna Cross' office, (1.114)

Where is a color copier/printer for general use?
There is one available for LIMITED use in the Media Center, as well as one in the Records Room; please ask for assistance.

Where can I get things laminated? Where are the die cuts?

In the Media Center; ask Candice for assistance.

Where can I find poster board & butcher paper for bulletin boards?

Downstairs, near Pre-K (1.251)

Where are the vending machines?

Downstairs, across from the gym (1.158)

Where are microwaves & refrigerators?

Mail Room (1.119) and Staff Lunch (1.208), as well as other common work rooms

Anything else I need to know?

  • School hours for students, 7:45 a.m. - 2:45 p.m.
  • School hours for staff members, 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (Some front office members have staggered hours.)
  • Generally, meetings are scheduled on our "late days," Thursdays, when we work 'til 4:30 p.m.
  • Grade levels are color coded (Kindergarten/orange, 1st grade/yellow, 2nd grade/green, 3rd grade/pink, 4th grade/purple, and 5th grade/blue
  • You can stay informed by doing these things: Look for the Daily Update email from Donna Cross each morning, as well as the weekly staff newsletter, The Bugle, on Friday afternoons. Read the school newsletter, The Baggett Banner, for all the latest news and information going home to parents each Friday. Check your mailbox at least once a day, and read and respond to all email within 24 hours.

Our School Map

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Our Staff Roster


*Sadler, Charlotte – Principal 1.117

*Lord, Stacy – AP (Special Ed & EIP) 2.106

*Payne, Kevin – AP (4th & 5th and Discovery Classes) 2.181

*Terry, Katina – AP (2nd & 3rd and Title I) 1.184

*Young, Colleen – AP (K & 1 and ESOL) 2.148

*Booker, Dana – Counselor (3rd, 4th, & 5th) 1.186

*Daniel, Suzette – Counselor (K, 1st, & 2nd) 1.188


DiBartolo, Dwanell 1.203

Gaymon, Mellanie 1.218

*Hunter, Chris 1.201

*Innocenti, Katie 1.194

Massey, Teresa 1.214

Smith, Kaleigh 1.196

Thomas, Brooke 1.216

Ung, Stephanie 1.198


Gray, Angela 1.174

Johnston, Nicole 1.182

Ketterhagen, Jill 1.179

*Montenegro, Kathleen 1.169

*Mylander, Terri 1.192

O’Mard, Falicia 1.167

Perez, Linda 1.177

Robledo, Chrisanthi 1.172


Burns, Valerie 2.147

Corona, Yadira 2.144

*Coto, Claudia 2.143

Fitch, Kelli 2.135

*Griggley, Oneka 2.146

Hanson, Angela 2.133

Killikelly, Tracy 2.132

Papes, Robert 2.142


Bembry, Sabriyyah 2.214

Finley, Brant 2.213

Forrester, Patrice 2.212

*Gilbert, Wende 2.253

Hoyle, Tiffany 2.252

Jones, Alnease 2.211

Lockley, Casandra 2.254

*Maxwell, Tanya 2.155


Asztalos, Jim 2.177

*Chamberlin, Danelle 2.176

Hollifield, Andrea 2.191

Jenkins, Myesha 2.174

*Martinez, Michelle 2.182

Reed, Leshia 2.193

Roberts, Jensen 2.195


Davis, Sherman 2.194

Duffie, LaSandra 2.186

*Gatling, Tracey 2.185

*Gehrisch, Allan 2.202

Lounnivongsa, Shirley 2.183

Newman, Ashley Noel 2.192

Webb, Leslie 2.201


*Hitchcock, Brenda – Literacy/EIP K-2 2.141

*King, Debbie – Math 2.108

*Parsons, Jennifer – Literacy/EIP 3-5 2.107


*Pendergast, Maria 2.261


Bhagat, Vandana – Computer 1.134

Findlay, Lucas – Science 1.269

Holland, Jody – Music 1.128

*Nguyen, Melinda – Art 1.267

O’Brien, Rebekah – Math 1.138

Sealer, Matthew - P.E. 1.164

Uriz, Joe – Spanish 1.154


Autism (9)

Johnson, Jessica (2nd & 3rd) 1.148

Johnson, Shelly (4th & 5th) 1.153

Potter, Elizabeth (K & 1st) 1.152

Adams, Cheryl – Parapro 1.152

Livingston, Molly – Parapro 1.148

Mar, Leanne – Parapro 1.152

Melidor, Marie – Parapro 1.153

Swann, Christina – Parapro 1.261

Wall, Marjory – Parapro 1.153

Pre-K (3)

Kim, Minsu 1.261

Stokes, Mackenzie 1.252

Fillingame, Lakeshia – Parapro 1.242

Resource (5)

*Coleman, Roberta 2.117

Connel, Suzanne 2.122

Frazier, Monique 2.119

Freeman, Lauren 1.244

Gelbaum, Staci 2.131

Speech (3)

Farley, Deb – SLP 2.118

Leonard, Mary – Pre-K SLP 1.249

Noa, Ronnie – SLP 2.215


EIP (5)

Hitchcock, Brenda 2.141

Parsons, Jennifer 2.107

Reno, Jennifer (EIP) 1.243

Suber, Kenyatta (EIP) 2.123

Webb, Julia 2.201

EL (5)

Bedoya, Lake 2.135

Guaman, JoAnn 2.121

*Mercedes, Jennifer 2.135

Santiago, Theresa__________________________ __2.121

Wentlent, Jami - RR/EL 1.248

Title I (2)

Reyero, Maria – Parent Liaison _1.266

*Bowers, Anjela – Parent Instructional Coordinator 1.266


*Collier, Keith – LSTC 1.127

*Skeen, Suzanne - Media Specialist 1.239

Mathews, Candice - Media Clerk 1.240

Maurice Rushlow – TST 1.124


Alli, Veronica – Receptionist 1.104

Bowers, Debbie – Clinic Worker 1.106

*Cross, Donna - Administrative Assistant 1.114

Harris, Clara – Student Data Management Clerk 1.109

Jennings, Cynthia - Administrative Clerk 1.104

– Registrar 1.104

– Stellar Sub 1.104

Raymer, Gloria – Instructional Clerk 2.123

Smith-Gibson, Sharon - Bookkeeper 1.108


Nelligan, Cynthia - Manager 1.220

Vargas, Eva – Assistant Manager

Burrell, Veneisha

Gabriel, Jocelynne

Harris, Janice

Lim, Novi

Morris, Lafonte

Patel, Rashmika

Smith, Angela

Williams, Mishca

Zambrano, Hilda

Zolghadr, Iran


Rogers, Tony - Head Custodian 1.132

Abrahantes, Marianela

Garib, Amira

Gutierrez, Sara

Hernandez, Maricela

Morris, Vonda

Remedios, Fernando

OR Room 1.144

Sensory Room 1.1